In addition to the proven and popular classics Züri Gschnätzlets and Chäs Fondue, seasonal dishes provide variety on our menu. We love Swiss specialties and appreciate local and regional products. By the way, the cheese on our eCHo Plättli comes from Gretli, our own cow on Alp Hinterhuismatt, and the dressing for our Nüssli salad is refined with honey from our busy bees on the roof.

Züri Gschnätzlets, eCHo Restaurant, Zürich
Be your own chef! Grill your own meat on an indoor table grill with a flame that burns with 80% rum and sugar cubes.
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You won´t be disappointed if you leave enough room for our delicious desserts. Our sweet temptations also demonstrate our focus on regional specialties and uniqueness. Be honest, isn´t your mouth watering when thinking of a chocolate cake with a liquid center? Opening the dessert menu is at your own risk!


We are proud to be able to offer our guests our own wine creation. Our Zurich Marriott Cuvée Exclusive consists of three different grape varieties from the cantons of Zurich and Thurgau and is produced exclusively for us by Landolt Weine. It is available as a red wine cuvée as well as a white wine cuvée. With three vineyards in the city of Zurich, Landolt Weine, a family business in its sixth generation, shapes a small piece of local wine culture.

Empty glasses? Not with us! The eCHo Restaurant has the perfect offer for all wine lovers: Refill yourself like at home. Help yourself like at home. Feel comfortable like at home. To the offer “Wine à discrétion”

Director of F&B, Zürich Marriott Hotel Frank Brabant