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eCHo Restaurant, Swiss restaurant, Fondue

Feast your way through our menu and enjoy our well-loved classics Züri Gschnätzlets and Chäs Fondue.  We love Swiss specialties and appreciate local products and meat from the region, such as duck breast from canton Appenzell. The fish is freshly caught from the Tropenhaus Frutigen. Our own cow Gretli, who lives on the alp Hinterhuismatt, produces the cheese for our eCHo Plättli, and the dressing for our salad is refined with honey from our own bees on the rooftop.

You have never heard of a “Geisschäs” before? Discover these and other Swiss specialties at the eCHo Restaurant.

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Dessert Menu

Dessert at the eCHo Restaurant Zurich: Crêpes with rhubarb-strawberry compote and vanilla ice cream

You won’t be disappointed if you leave enough room for our delicious desserts, which demonstrate our focus on regional specialties and uniqueness too. Ovomaltine and Lindt chocolate play a major role in our tempting creations. Be honest! Isn’t your mouth watering when thinking of a chocolate cake with a liquid center? Opening the dessert menu is at your own risk! 


Restaurant eCHo, Swiss restaurant Zurich, Wine Card

Our house wine, the Zurich Marriott Cuvée Exclusive, is made only for us with grapes from the cantons of Zurich and Thurgau. It is available as red wine Cuvée and white wine Cuvée.

“Refill yourself like at home. Help yourself like at home. Feel comfortable like at home.” The eCHo Restaurant has the perfect offer for all wine lovers.